CCTV and Alarms

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to monitor your property and has become central to the modern-day security solution. Once only predominantly used in the commercial sector, the installation of CCTV in residential properties is rapidly increasing due to the many benefits you receive for such an easy, low maintenance and cost-effective system.

At MCL Locksmiths, one of our experienced technicians will undertake a thorough security assessment of your property and offer a solution to meet your needs and budget whether it be a wireless single camera system that can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet through to a multiple camera system with digital recorders for storage and playback.  

CCTV is readily available, cost effective and helps alleviate many residential and commercial worries including:

  • deterring and recording criminal activity
  • reducing insurance premiums
  • remote monitoring from a secure location
  • quality performance and misconduct monitoring
  • peace of mind